Why buy from us?

What do we have to offer that sets us apart from our competitors?

  1. When you order one of our harnesses, you can be assured that every effort has been made to provide the most accurate product possible.  Our harnesses are not just copies of the originals.  Every pattern is closely analyzed to eliminate weak points in the original design.  We will make upgrades in wire sizes, connectors and terminals where our decades of experience in electrical system design, and engineering expertise indicate.  We utilize cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire, which is far superior to PVC insulated wire, in all of our plastic wire applications.  All of our cloth covered wire is made with cross-linked or PVC insulated wire as a base, with a cotton braided outer jacket of various color combinations.  The cloth wire jacket is then impregnated with a lacquer type coating for flame and fraying resistance.

  3. To make installation of our harnesses as easy as possible, every wire is labeled on at least one end, and many complicated harnesses have the wires labeled at each connection point.  We use labels made with blue painter’s masking tape, which is more resistant to deterioration and retains its flexibility longer than common masking tape.  The blue tape is also far easier to remove after the harness is installed than common masking tape.  We include a connection sheet which lists all of the wire numbers, color and connection points.

  5. Our harnesses are covered with the original cloth braid, vinyl coated nylon braid (applied with our braiding machines), tape or cotton loom.  Since our harnesses are custom built, we will use your choice of covering if you prefer to differ from the original.

  7. We can custom build a harness to fit almost any application.  That includes adapting to an alternator conversion, high performance (MSD) ignitions, extra lights and engine swaps.  We have built battery cables for a solar house in Florida, ignition wires for industrial flame burners, ground cables for industrial applications, harnesses for vintage fire trucks and harnesses for a local trailer manufacturer.

  9. We also offer a harness repair service.  We can often repair or rebuild damaged harnesses by replacing wires, connectors and braiding.  This service is priced on a time-and-materials basis, and is most cost effective for those harnesses which were damaged in small areas from burns, abrasion, and short circuits.  Because of the inherent deterioration of insulation, conductors and connectors over time, only those harnesses that are in otherwise good condition would be candidates.

  11. Our technical support before and after you purchase a harness from us is second to none. Based on our thorough general knowledge of electrical systems, and specific knowledge of how the original systems were designed, we will guide you through any diagnosis, installation or question that you have.